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How to change or remove a Hotspot Marker

You can easily make changes to one of your existing Hotspot markers, or remove it completely.  Here’s how:

To change or delete one of your Hotspot Markers:

- Select ” View Hotspots” when your at your desired Lake Details page
- Once logged in, select ” View My Hotspots ”
- Select the marker you wish to edit, then choose ” Edit Info ”
- you can change/update all aspects of the market information, or delete it entirely

Father’s Day Apps – Give the gift of Fishing !

Well what better gift to give Dad’s for Fathers Day – Send them a Gift Code for one of our iFish Apps !

Unfortunately Apple did not select us for there latest Feature of  ” Fathers Day Apps “, which is a little disappointing since we had all of our Canadian series of iFish Apps in the top 5 in paid sports.

So, we decided to feature it ourselves and we purchased  www.FathersDayApps.com


Hundreds of Lake Maps Added to iFish USA app

We’ve recently added hundreds of Lake maps for New York State and Ohio. These are great to better understand the lake depth and configurations. Some of the maps even show surrounding areas. Obviously they are not meant for navigation purposes, but if you’ve ever looked at a depth chart, you’ll know how handy the information can be. We have added them to our “Downloads” button that can be accessed when viewing a lake. If we have a lake map for it, you’ll see it in there and can save it for offline viewing too !