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New Boat Launches Added To iFish USA

New Boat Launches added to the iFish USA App in the following States: Kentucky, Washington, Tennessee and Ohio. Remember, if you are fishing a lake, feel free to add any boat launches, hotspots, campsites, warnings etc. on the lake map. Happy Fishing!

Nearly 500 Boat Launches Added to the iFish Texas App

We’ve just added almost 500 boat launches to most lakes in the state of Texas. Most launches added show how many lanes and if there is a launch fee. Remember, if you are fishing a lake and there is no boat launches added, feel free to add them in yourself using the Hotspot Tools. Happy Fishing!

Over 55 Boat Launches added on Ontario App

Over 55 Boat Launches were added to the iFish Ontario App. Remember, if you are fishing a lake or know a lake well, feel free to add the boat launches in. You can do this the same as you would add a Hotspot. Happy Fishing!

70 Boat Launches added to iFish Alberta App

70 Boat Launches were added into the iFish Alberta App. Remember, if you are fishing a lake and it doesn’t have the boat launch marked, feel free to add it in. Happy Fishing.

120 Boat Launches added to the BC App

We’ve recently added 120 boat launches to our BC iFish App. Remember, if you are fishing a lake and it doesn’t have a boat launch marker added to the Hotspot Map, feel free to add one! Happy Fishing.

iFish Kitchen

We’ve been working on a recipe book to add into the iFish Series App. Do you have a favorite freshwater fishing recipe and want us to feature you? E-mail me at Stephanie@AppsForAnglers.com and we will be sure to mention you if we use it! Happy Fishing Everyone!

Lake Maps Added To California

We’ve recently added new lake details and lake maps to the State of California. These maps are a mix between depth charts and recreational maps. Most are in color and show boat launches, fish cleaning areas and other details specific to that lake.

Gull Lake, Alberta: Top Viewed Lake Of All Time In The iFish Series

Being viewed over 9000 times, Gull Lake, Alberta is the top viewed lake of all time in our iFish Series. This includes, BC, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and the USA. Gull lake also has 39 Hotspot Markers and 129 lake reports posted to it.

Alberta Has Top 3 Most Viewed Lakes Of All Time

The iFish Series has a collection of different provinces in Canada and has now expanded out into the USA.  iFish Alberta has some loyal anglers, with having the top 3 most viewed lakes on all the iFish Apps! Here they are:


9134 - Gull Lake

8605 - Wabamun Lake

8018 - Calling Lake


iFish Ontario Stats

Our iFish Ontario Stats show that Lake Simcoe is dominating in views for the iFish Ontario App. With nearly 5000 views, Lake Simcoe has been the most viewed lake in the last 24 hours, week, month and of all time in Ontario.  With 97 Hotspot Markers added by Ontario anglers, it’s a popular lake!

If you’re planning on visiting Lake Simcoe, check out the growing number of lake reports submitted to our App.

Happy Fishing!