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Over 1,200 Kentucky Fish Attractor Locations Added

The iFish Team has made it easier for Kentucky Anglers to find fish with new additions to the iFish Kentucky App. We’ve added over 1,200 fish attractor locations in 27 popular Kentucky Lakes. Fish attractors are planted structure used to concentrate fish for anglers; and where available we’ve marked GPS locations with Orange HotSpot Markers.


Learn more about the iFish Kentucky App and the entire iFish Series of Apps at www.iFishApps.com

New iFish Apps Available for Android

The iFish Series of Apps continues to grow with the release of iFish Arkansas, iFish Oregon, iFish Oklahoma, iFish Louisiana and iFish Indiana for Android. These apps are jam packed with depth info, maps, hotspots, boat launch locations, tips, tricks and so much more.


Find lakes you never even knew existed with the proximity search from your location or chose a city to do the search from. Interact with other anglers by leaving & reading lake feedbacks and posting hotspots either publicly or privately on your favorite lakes. These apps are such a great addition to your tackle box & will continue to get better as more people use them.

The iOS version for these 6 apps will be available in the App Store soon, stay tuned!

View all our apps at www.AppsForAnglers.com

New Lakes & Depth Charts Added to iFish Iowa

The Apps.ForAnglers.com Team strives to constantly add new and useful data into the entire Series of iFish Apps; and this week we’ve added new lakes with depth charts into the iFish Iowa App. These maps are brightly colored and easy to read, providing anglers with depth information for over 115 Iowa Lakes.


“We’re always looking to add fresh and useful content into our apps as data becomes available we will continue to pump it in, making iFish your favorite addition to your tackle box” – Randy Chamzuk, president of AppsForaAnglers.com and creator of the iFish Series of Apps

New Additions to Florida and Colorado

We’ve recently added new and useful angler data into our Florida and Colorado apps! This past week we’ve added new Florida Lakes with depth charts & new Colorado Lakes with Fish Survey Sheets which include stocking data. 


As always we strive to keep our apps fresh and up to date as we are constantly adding new info we think our users will find useful.

Thousands of Fish Attractors added to iFish USA

Locate fish faster with your iFish App! We’ve added thousands of fish attractor locations to various lakes in Kentucky, Alabama and Arkansas. Fish attractors are planted and used to concentrate fish for anglers; and where available we’ve marked GPS locations of these attractors with orange HotSpot Markers. As data becomes available, we will continue to add locations as well as other fresh content to all our apps continuously.


  • 1,241 added to Kentucky
  • 2,601 added to Arkansas
  • 230 added to Alabama