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New Alberta Ice Fishing Feature

Ice fishing is upon us in Alberta & like every year, ice thickness updates have been coming through the lake reports section of iFish Alberta. 

This year we’ve added a new feature allowing a separate Ice Report page allowing users to submit ice thickness’ and added notes just like a lake report. Help other Alberta Anglers out by utilizing this awesome new winter feature!

Halfway There! – iFishApps.com Release Another 6 States

The iFish Series of Apps continues to grow with the release of iFish Arkansas, iFish Oregon, iFish Oklahoma, iFish Louisiana and iFish Indiana. These apps are jam packed with depth info, maps, hotspots, boat launch locations, tips, tricks and so much more.


Find lakes you never even knew existed with the proximity search from your location or chose a city to do the search from. Interact with other anglers by leaving & reading lake feedbacks and posting hotspots either publicly or privately on your favorite lakes. These apps are such a great addition to your tackle box & will continue to get better as more people use them.

We’re over halfway through releasing the lower 48 state-specific iFish Apps and will have the entire nation covered by Christmas.

View all our apps at www.iFishApps.com

New Lake Maps Added to Montana

Nearly 150 Depth Chart Maps were added into the iFish USA APP within the state of Montana! Now not only do you know where to fish, you can view lake depths before you head out & save the maps to your device for offline viewing.  This brings our USA depth chart total to over 9,100 detailed lake maps and as always we’re constantly adding new data as it becomes available, so this number will continue to grow.


Watch for iFish Montana Coming Soon in the App Store and Google Play. 

iFish Florida Bragged Catch

Check out this Brag that came through the iFish Florida App submitted by Tom Spade!



  • Water Body: Lake Harris
  • Species: Bass – Largemouth
  • Date: 11/06/2013 11:30 AM
  • Length: 20 in
  • Weight: 7 lbs 2 oz
  • Bait: Trolling Rig
  • Lure: Shad

Tom caught this beauty fish on an overcast day in 16 FOW. Awesome, thanks for sharing!


Verizon explains the benefits of adding smartphone apps to your tackle box this fall


Here’s a snip-it from Verizon’s article talking about the iFish Apps: 


With cooler temperatures, calm waters and fewer bugs, autumn is a great time for fishing. As anglers load up their trusty tackle boxes for their next fishing trip, they can also turn to apps on their smartphones to help them hook a keeper.

Before hitting the water, fishermen can get great tips to guide them to the best nearby lakes, ponds or reservoirs through Apps for Anglers’ iFish app series. With individual apps for more than 20 states across the nation, iFish provides advice on the best fishing times and how-to fishing techniques as well as access to state licensing and regulation information. For experts, there are also solunar fishing calendars, a species reference for keeping track of the catch and feedback shared by fellow expert anglers. Fishermen of all levels can appreciate the HotSpots feature that allows users to mark, view and share their favorite spots.



Read the Full Article Here

Over 2,400 Depth Charts Available in the iFish Minnesota App


When choosing a lake to fish, depth is something most fishermen take into consideration. What if you could know the depth and even see a map before you head out? The iFish Minnesota App has over 2,400 depth charts attached to Minnesota Lakes. Where available, depth maps can be viewed directly at a lake within the app, or download them for offline viewing.


“Minnesota is known as the state of 10,000 lakes; depth charts are very useful if you are fishing a lake you are unfamiliar with, which is why we add as many possible maps into our apps as we have available” – Randy Chamzuk, president of AppsForAnglers.com

Next States?

What states are next for iFish? Currently we’re working on iFish Wyoming, iFish West Virginia, iFish Vermont, iFish Idaho, iFish  Kansas & iFish Utah! Watch for these 6 state-specific apps in the coming weeks up in The App  & Google Play Stores!


To view all our current apps visit www.iFishApps.com