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How to Gift an iOS App

Gift from your iOS Device

1. Search for iFish in the App Store

2. Tap the share icon in the top right & hit gift

3. Sign into your Apple ID

4. Type in the e-mail you are gifting too, add a message & choose a date to send

5. Tap buy & confirm


That’s it, you’ve now just shared the gift of fishing in 5 easy steps!




Did you know you can access your iFish Account directly from your computer? We’ve created “The Dock” for each of our iFish Apps; allowing users to use their account, post HotSpots and Lake Reports online! This is an awesome feature you don’t want to miss out on!

iFish Ontario Bugs Over The Weekend Fixed

We’d like to apologize to anyone who had any issues with the iFish Ontario App over the weekend. We had an issue with our server which in turn made the proximity search and hotspots a little buggy. We have taken action and resolved the issues and apologize for the inconvenience and all issues should be fixed!

How to change or remove a Hotspot Marker

You can easily make changes to one of your existing Hotspot markers, or remove it completely.  Here’s how:

To change or delete one of your Hotspot Markers:

- Select ” View Hotspots” when your at your desired Lake Details page
- Once logged in, select ” View My Hotspots ”
- Select the marker you wish to edit, then choose ” Edit Info ”
- you can change/update all aspects of the market information, or delete it entirely